Custom Engagement Rings by ith

While engagement rings are highly coveted, choosing the right one can be challenging.
From the design to the occasions it can be worn, compatibility with wedding bands, personal style, and uniqueness, ith can help turn your ideas into reality.

Case 1

Casual Engagement Rings for Everyday Wear

  • Wearable every day, regardless of occasion
  • Emphasis on practicality rather than luxury
  • Subtle design that complements your everyday style

ith offers engagement rings that can be worn with ease and simplicity, with a natural or antique look.
The rings are designed to minimize the height difference between the stone setting and the band, allowing the ring to be worn comfortably.
ith understands that while engagement rings are highly coveted, they can be impractical for everyday wear.
That's why we provide casual engagement ring designs that are easy to wear and complement your everyday style.

Designs That You Can Wear Anywhere

  • Smooth and comfortable to wear
  • Subtle design that suits any occasion
  • A casual and natural engagement ring that reflects your personality

Case 2

Complement Your Engagement Ring with a Wedding Band

  • Value the compatibility between the engagement ring and wedding band
  • Realize your ideal design without compromise
  • Fulfill her dream engagement ring

The sparkle of a diamond brings a feeling of joy and excitement that cannot be matched.
For your dream engagement ring, ith can create a unique design that matches your style.
ith offers custom-made engagement and wedding bands that can be adjusted to your desired design.
Two rings that fit snugly on your ring finger will add elegance to your everyday life.
*Note that this is referred to as "stacking."

Add Elegance to Your Fingers

  • Smooth and comfortable to wear
  • Subtle design that suits any occasion
  • A casual and natural engagement ring that reflects your personality

Case 3

A special design
Two people

  • Full custom-made one-of-a-kind ring
  • I want an engagement ring that only we can make
  • I want to preserve our roots and memories in a form

The memories of the time spent together, the proposal, and what we cherish.
The unique design that expresses the inner feelings of the two of you.
We create custom-made engagement rings that exceed beauty and admiration and can only be created by the two of you.

An irreplaceable
custom-made engagement ring

  • A design that makes you feel like you really want it
  • Give shape to your aspirations and ideals without compromise
  • Put your family and memories in the ring

Case 4

A special design
Two people

  • Use your favorite font to create a mood that's just like the two of you
  • Craftsman's handmade engraving that conveys warmth
  • You can also engrave handwritten characters and your own illustrations.

It is possible to engrave a variety of engravings, such as your name and initials, portraits of the two of you, and handwritten characters.
Engrave your warm feelings and the message you want to convey on your precious engagement ring. By putting it in, you can convey your feelings to your partner.
Why don't you try to hide inside the engagement ring the feelings in your heart that you can't usually put into words?

Variety of engraving methods that can be expressed as desired

  • Engrave your proposal words
  • Usually embarrassed honest feelings in writing
  • Write the feelings you want to cherish on the ring

Case 5

Express yourself with a diamond shape

  • A classic engagement ring doesn't look like me
  • I want to add a twist to a simple design
  • I want to express a mature and chic personality

Diamonds are not only attractive because they are round and sparkly.
If you change the shape, such as a square, heart, marquise, etc., the atmosphere of the ring will change completely.
An engagement ring that is more unique to you, with a neat and mature image, a different personality, and a calm glow.
Expresses the perfect atmosphere for the person who wears it in the shape of a diamond. can.

A non-round diamond
an engagement ring that shines with individuality

  • Creating a chic and mature engagement ring
  • Simple but unique design
  • A unique finish with your own brilliance

Case 6

Individuality that spreads with colored stones

  • I have a favorite gemstone than diamonds
  • I want to value my image and my lucky color
  • I want to enhance the personal feeling of two people with birthstones

There is no rule that ``the gemstone for an engagement ring is a diamond''.
Birthstones for two people, colored stones for anniversaries, gems with lucky colors and favorite stone words. If you choose
, your engagement ring will be like a talisman for the two of you.
An engagement ring made with carefully selected gemstones is an important link to the two of you. It has meaning.

A custom-made engagement ring made in a color that is unique to two people

  • Engagement rings can be made with gems other than diamonds
  • The design can be changed according to the colored stone
  • You can choose the color matching of gemstones and metals according to your taste.