Couple カップル・ペア



槌目 / イエローゴールド

Customise How Much can We do About Customizing

Add a pinch of your personality to your favorite jewellery.
The freedom of customizing is the most attractive feature of ith's anniversary jewellery.

Choose Your Favorite Type of Metal

  • image of Yellow Gold

    Yellow Gold

  • image of Pink Gold

    Pink Gold

  • image of White Gold

    White Gold

Choose Your Birthstone

  • image of Garnet (January)

    Garnet (January)

  • image of Amethyst (February)

    Amethyst (February)

  • image of Aquamarine (March)

    Aquamarine (March)

  • image of Diamond (April)

    Diamond (April)

  • image of Emerald (May)

    Emerald (May)

  • image of Moonstone (June)

    Moonstone (June)

  • image of Ruby (July)

    Ruby (July)

  • image of Peridot (August)

    Peridot (August)

  • image of Sapphire (September)

    Sapphire (September)

  • image of Tourmaline (October)

    Tourmaline (October)

  • image of Topaz (November)

    Topaz (November)

  • image of Tanzanite (December)

    Tanzanite (December)

Choose Your Favorite Type of Texture

  • image of Mirror Finish

    Mirror Finish

  • image of Hammered Pattern

    Hammered Pattern

Choose Your Favorite Type of Chain

  • image of Cable Chain

    Cable Chain

  • image of Link Chain

    Link Chain

  • image of Box Chain

    Box Chain

Choose Your Engraving

  • image of Bambino


  • image of Cielo


Jewellery Case Jewellery Case

This jewellery case is not only for delivery, but can also be used as a jewellery case for storing your precious pieces at home. It is a jewellery case made of focusing on its sustainability and appearance. The ribbon wrapping around it is weaved with the Japanese traditional weaving technique called Sanada String. The ribbon also contains the wish that "the relationship between the customer and ith will continue uninterrupted forever."