At ith, we select diamonds with a focus on quality suitable for bridal rings.
Of the 4Cs (Carat/Color/Clarity/Cut) standards for evaluating diamonds,
we value the selection of diamonds based on "Cut,"
which varies in brilliance depending on the skill of a lapidary.
This is a special policy at ith, which has its roots in craftsmanship.

About Diamond Grading


Many diamonds contain nitrogen and have a slight yellowish tint. The closer a diamond is to pure colorless transparency, the more valuable it becomes. The color grading scale starts with 'D' for colorless and goes down to 'Z' for yellow, divided into 23 alphabetical stages.


Clarity refers to the transparency of a diamond. It is assessed by observing the diamond under a 10x magnification loupe, evaluating the size, number, position, quality, color, and visibility of inclusions, as well as any scratches or wear that occur after cutting. The grades range from 'FL (Flawless),' where no imperfections or defects are observed, to levels where inclusions are visible to the naked eye, categorized into 11 grades.


The cut is the only aspect of a diamond's evaluation that involves human intervention. It is graded on a five-level scale based on ideal proportions, with points deducted for finish quality and craftsmanship. We offer diamonds tailored to your preferences, allowing you to make your own selection. Each diamond comes with a certification. Feel free to consult with us for a variety of diamonds to suit your budget.